I told my friend: “Don’t see Christmas as a religious holiday; sees it as a time of peace and reconciliation. I wish you a Merry Christmas.” He replied: “I also wish you a Merry Christmas.” On December 12 he traveled to England on a sightseeing trip. My friend is Jewish and they don’t celebrate Christmas, but I think my friend understood perfectly what I wanted to express.

House with Christmas decorations and lights

That’s why I think Christmas will never go out of style (I know it’s not a fashion, but it’s a way of speaking). Everyone, absolutely everyone, needs a date like this, even if it is once a year. A date when we feel less resentful, with a willingness to forget or at least not think about grievances, when we are more willing to see the good that each person can offer.
And all this without mentioning the children, who are the ones who truly experience Christmas, anxiously awaiting their gifts. I remember very well how I felt at this time, since mid-November.

Happy little girl with her Christmas gift

As I mentioned at the beginning, I think Christmas is a great time to reconcile with someone we may be estranged from.

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