Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman military and politician from the 1st century BC. He is considered one of the great conquerors in history.

The Roman legions were crossing the Alps. Julius Caesar, surrounded by some officers, led the way, immersed in his thoughts. The Romans arrived near a village lost among the gigantic mountains. An officer from the entourage then approached the commander and said:
– Behold, O Caesar, this miserable village. And yet there will also be someone eager to be the boss.
Julius Caesar stared at his officer and answered:
– I would rather be the first in any village than the second in Rome
This phrase, so haughty and proud, says it all about the character of the Roman leader.

REFERENCE: Copied from the Student Encyclopedia, a weekly magazine from the 1960s, published in Italy and in several South American countries. This is the only article in this blog that is not original by Ernesto Cuba.

NOTE: In the presentation drawing you can see Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon River, in Italy.


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